Trust the TW-350, a 4K webcam ideal for telecommuting and streaming

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With a routine still centered around the home, more and more users began to search for the best tech accessories to enhance their work and play experience. Reason why we are today before the Trust TW-350, a webcam in 4K definition with enhancements for depth perception and a higher definition, vivid color image that will enhance all of our communications.

This device with an advanced camera, thanks to its Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), which allows you to capture the image to video with high definition up to 30 images per second. In addition, it allows a better perception of depth, thanks to the fact that it offers a diagonal field of view of 74 ° and its autofocus.

The Trust TW-350 also offers automatic white balance, allowing backlight compensation to improve image quality as much as possible, allowing the user to concentrate on their task while the lens focuses automatically while keeping the image sharp. and clear, more natural colors.

On the other hand, the audio from this new Trust webcam will be another standout feature. And is that although by its design one might think that the camera has built-in speakers, in reality it is a dual stereo microphone, functionality that will allow us to facilitate communications through the two main channels. On the other hand, this accessory allows you to record high quality sound, capturing clear sound from multiple directions in a range of up to 5 meters.

Finally he has incorporating a removable tripod that will facilitate the perfect placement on a table or desk, as well as a clamping base that will allow us to adjust it smoothly but securely on top of any monitor. In addition, this camera includes a small cover to help us maintain our privacy. Also, thanks to its plug and play design with USB connections, allows the webcam to be easy to configure, including a USB-A to USB-C adapter, which extends its compatibility for most laptops and desktops.

Part of the Trust Home & Office range, the Trust TW-350 aims to meet all the needs of the home and office, adding comfort to different lifestyles. Although, as we have said, this does not detract from its usefulness in the face of other popular activities such as streaming, thus presenting itself as a really interesting prop to unite the two worlds.

Currently we can find the Trust TW-350 available on the brand’s official website, with a price of 139.99 euros, moderate enough for a 4K webcam.

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