SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam review – I’m finally ready for my close-up!

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REVIEW – Even though I use my webcam more than I expected, I can’t bring myself to invest in better lighting for my video meetings and frequent chats. What further complicates the problem is my cramped workspace which doesn’t have much room for additional equipment like a large ring light. Fortunately, I had the chance to try the SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam. In addition to other cool features, the SANNCE has a built-in light, a magnetic base that lets you quickly switch from portrait to landscape, and exceptional video quality. Even with a few flaws, the SANNCE comes at a reasonable price of $ 129, considering you’d pay more for a webcam of this caliber and light separately.

What is that?

The SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam is an external webcam that can process video at 30 fps at 2560 x 1440 (4MP) or 60 fps at 1920 by 1080 (2MP). The SANNCE has two integrated omnidirectional microphones, an adjustable magnetic base, an included tripod and a built-in LED with five brightness settings.

The SANNCE webcam arrives in a very cool box in a box that details all the features of the device.

What’s in the box?

  • SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam
  • Magnetic privacy shutter
  • Magnetic base
  • Tripod
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • User’s Guide

Material specs

  • Maximum resolution / Frame rate: 1440p 16: 9 30fps
  • Photo quality: 3.7 MP 16: 9 2560p x 1440p
  • Field of view: 90 °
  • Focus: 2cm macro focus
  • Microphone: 2 built-in omnidirectional noise reduction microphones
  • Microphone coverage: 5m / 16ft
  • Privacy shutter: Yes
  • Mounting: Adjustable monitor base with 1/4 “thread tripod socket
  • USB Cable: 6ft (1.9m) USB-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable
  • Supported systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android
  • Assembled dimensions: 1.89 ″ (47.9 mm) x 2.36 ″ (59.9 mm) x 1.89 ″ (47.9 mm)

Design and functionality

The SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam is well designed with a few caveats. Overall the look, shape and feel of the webcam is excellent. I like the rounded square form factor and the camera is well built.

The SANNCE lens is protected behind a piece of clear plastic, as is the LED that surrounds the lens. There is a light sensor located above the lens and two omnidirectional mics on each side.

Above the SANNCE is the LED brightness control. The LED has five brightness levels which can be increased or decreased by pressing the corresponding symbols.

The controls are incredibly sensitive though, so any manipulation of the webcam will invariably change the LED setting. It’s especially frustrating when adjusting the angle of the webcam. The controls are lit when the webcam is plugged in, making them easier to see in low light conditions.

On the back of the SANNCE is a USB-C port for connecting the webcam to your computer.

The SANNCE comes with a 1.8m long USB-C to USB-A cable that is the perfect length, especially if you are mounting the webcam on a separate monitor or tripod.

One of the innovative features of the SANNCE webcam is its magnetic base. The base can be used to secure the webcam to just about any laptop or monitor.

There is also a standard 1/4 “thread at the bottom of the base for connecting the included tripod.

The SANNCE snaps directly onto the magnetic base with a satisfying click. The sides and bottom of the webcam can be attached to the base in this way, which allows you to rotate the webcam.

There is a small lip on the back of the mount to prevent the webcam from sliding back.

The magnets are really strong, although they hold the webcam firmly to the base, they also make it difficult to remove without disassembling the entire base from the laptop or monitor.

The base has three hinges that allow you to mount the webcam on a monitor or laptop and adjust the angle as you like.

The lowest hinge serves as a stand to hold the base firmly to the screen of a laptop or monitor.

The SANNCE does not have a built-in privacy shield, it comes with a separate J-shaped shield that can be affixed to the lens when the webcam is not in use.

The shield is not a great solution to this problem and I was worried I would misplace it. My solution was to keep it attached when not in use by flipping it on its side so that the privacy shield extends away from the lens, it looks a little weird that way. You can also attach it to the back of the webcam, but part of it will hide an entire LED side.

Another way to mount the SANNCE webcam is to use the included tripod.

The tripod has telescoping legs which work well if you have the space for it.

The mounting base easily connects to the tripod and still allows you to remove or rotate the webcam if needed.

The swivel allows you to place the webcam at just about any angle and lock it in place.

The tripod makes the SANNCE perfect for atypical webcam use like makeup tutorials or product reviews.

It’s a nice addition to the webcam and the tripod adds a lot of functionality to the SANNCE.

To install

Setting up the SANNCE webcam is incredibly easy and that is one of the main advantages of this device.

The SANNCE is literally plug and play, once you connect the USB cable to your computer it’s good.

The only other part of setting up the webcam is to attach it to your laptop or monitor and adjust the angle. Depending on the lighting in your space, you can also turn on the LED.


I used the SANNCE for about a month and was very happy with its performance. Below I have some comparison photos and a video of the SANNCE versus my laptop’s internal webcam. The few design flaws I mentioned earlier, such as the responsive LED controls and the powerful magnetic base, were annoying but didn’t bother. Overall, the quality of the SANNCE video and audio was really impressive. I like that there is little configuration for the webcam, but I wish there were more options to control features like focus or cropping without using third-party software. The LED is also very bright and I never used it after the first adjustment. If there were more than five levels of brightness, it might be more useful.

For a basic comparison, the photo above was taken using the internal webcam on my 2017 Razor laptop.

I took the same photo with the SANNCE and you can see the difference in clarity, field of view and color.

When objects are brought closer to the SANNCE, the focus adjusts quickly and the background focus becomes softer. The adjustable focus definitely adds a level of quality to your video chats and recordings with the SANNCE.

Being able to physically change the orientation of the webcam is a nice feature, although the strong magnets make it a bit of a pain. Of course, you still need to rotate the image afterwards using an image editing program.

Inasmuch asInasmuch as

The comparison video between the SANNCE webcam and the internal webcam of my 2017 Razor laptop really highlights the strengths of the SANNCE. This webcam is a significant upgrade over the cheaper internal or external webcams, although it does have a few design flaws.

What I like

  • Video quality is excellent
  • Built-in light is a great feature
  • Easy to put in place

What to improve

  • Switching from landscape to portrait and using Privacy Shutter is tedious
  • Built-in light should have more levels
  • No way to adjust focus or crop the image without third-party software

Final thoughts

The SANNCE 2K 4MP Super HD webcam is a cool little device and the included tripod is a nice bonus. I like the design and functionality of the webcam, especially the ability to physically change the look from landscape to portrait, albeit a bit heavy. The built-in ring light is great but should be a bit more configurable, as is the focus and cropping. Taking all that into account, for $ 129, the SANNCE still offers exceptional video and audio quality, painless setup, and some cool unique features.

Price: $ 129.00
Or buy: SANNCE or Amazon
Source: The sample for this product was provided by SANNCE.

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