Razer Kiyo X review: ultra-precise webcam with 60 FPS recording

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Razer is a big gaming brand that makes some of the best Xbox headsets and the best PC gaming headsets, alongside mice, keyboards and even laptops and PC parts these days. The company is eager to become the central brand for all things gaming hardware and accessories, and frankly, there are few companies that are synonymous with gaming.

Razer burst into the webcam space a few years ago with its Razer Kiyo, which features a built-in light ring. Since then, the company has also released a Razer Kiyo Pro, with the ring light drafted in favor of a more powerful CMOS sensor. The Kiyo Pro was a bit pricey for all but the most dedicated streamers – what if you wanted something a little more “entry-level”? Well say hello to the new Razer Kiyo X. Will it be one of the best webcams for Windows PC? Let’s find out.

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Razer Kiyo X Se

Razer Kiyo X

At the end of the line : The Razer Kiyo X is an impressive product with a good price tag with impressive low-light capabilities, overcoming difficult lighting scenarios with relative ease. Razer could have included a little more in the box to sweeten the deal, but it’s quite easily the best webcam I’ve used, maybe ever.


  • Attractive and subtle design
  • High quality construction with powerful adjustable stand
  • Solid visual quality with excellent low light performance

The bad

  • Settings functionality is straightforward
  • No tripod or privacy cover included
  • More expensive than comparable products

Razer Kiyo X: Pricing and availability

Razer Kiyo X 2021 testSource: Windows Central

The Razer Kiyo X is a relatively new product and probably won’t go on sale anytime soon, but holidays and sale dates like Black Friday and Prime Day could get you a good deal. As standard, the Kiyo X costs $ 80 and is available at all major retailers around the world, including Razer itself and Amazon.

Razer Kiyo X: What is good

Razer Kiyo X 2021 testSource: Windows Central

The Razer Kiyo X impresses right out of the box with an attractive, yet subtle design profile. The lens is flanked by a textured circular design, giving it a classic “camera” style appearance, with embossed Razer logo text pressed into the bottom half.

Category Razer Kiyo X
Video resolution 1080p / 30 fps, 720p / 60 fps, 480p / 30 fps, 360p / 30 fps
Field of view 82 °
Sensor resolution 2.1 megapixels
Still image resolution 1920×1080

The camera sports two separate hinges for tilting the base, which is covered with friction-resistant rubber to keep it from slipping and sliding all over the place. Razer also opted for a textured cable for this product, which has a generous length allowing you to position it virtually anywhere in your office space.

The base can be folded flat and used as is, or can be mounted on a tripod with a standardized screw socket. The handle on the base wraps all around, which means you can use it for easy positioning and “snagging” on monitors and laptop screens with relative ease. The rim on the side of the base is also quite small, meaning it won’t encroach on your screen space like a Mac-style notch if you decide to mount it on a screen.

Razer Kiyo X sampleSource: Windows Central

In terms of actual performance, the Kiyo X impresses. I have reviewed much more expensive webcams like the Elgato Facecam with “high end” sensors and found that the Kiyo X dominates under similar lighting conditions, reducing noise while costing half the price. – that’s an impressive feat.

Comparing it to my previous webcam from Papalook, the Razer Kiyo X delivers much clearer picture quality, while reducing the annoying backlight I have in that office space without damaging the overall picture balance. The webcam’s autofocus is also fast and precise, prioritizing the central subject. Before, I felt like I needed to feed XSplit VCam enhancements to improve the quality of my camera on streams and in calls, but Kiyo X’s raw stream, even by default, provides a great experience.

Razer Kiyo X: What is not so good

The closest competitor to the Razer Kiyo X in some ways is probably the Logitech C920 line, which is often a bit cheaper for similar features. The Razer Kiyo X can shoot videos at 60 FPS, which is great for streamers and content creators, but only does so at 720p, which isn’t great. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to force these settings outside of the capture software in particular, which is a bit odd. Indeed, the Razer Synapse app is rudimentary when it comes to the feature controls on this thing, letting you adjust things like brightness and contrast as you might expect, but there’s no way Directly control resolution or frame rate without delving into your capture software’s settings. By default, it reaches 1080p at 30 FPS.

The Razer Kiyo X also doesn’t come with a tripod, nor does it come with a privacy shield for those who are aware of that sort of thing. I feel like Razer could have done a bit more to sweeten the deal here, given that this thing doesn’t come cheap.

Finally, the Kiyo X’s built-in microphone is passable, but you probably won’t be using it for content creation. It’s a standard rate and offers a similar experience to a built-in microphone in a laptop.

Razer Kiyo X: Competetion

Razer Kiyo X 2021 testSource: Windows Central

As I mentioned above, the Kiyo X is comparable to the Logitech C920 webcam, which is often considered the gold standard for high-quality yet affordable webcams. The C920 doesn’t offer a 60 FPS recording mode as standard, but the C922 does, and is often a bit cheaper too.

On the other hand, we have cameras like the Elgato Facecam on the market. Elgato aims to be the # 1 brand for everything to do with video game streaming, but I find the prices they offer often don’t match the quality. I would definitely say that the Razer Kiyo X offers a better overall experience than the Elgato Facecam, although it is less than half the price, although the Facecam offers 60 FPS recording at 1080p if that’s what. you need for your setup.

Razer Kiyo X: Should we buy it?

Razer Kiyo X 2021 testSource: Windows Central

The Razer Kiyo X is a great all-rounder that offers good value for money. I would have liked to see a little more in the box to sweeten the deal, whether it’s with a tripod or an extra privacy cover or something, but it offers a similar experience for a price similar to many. of its contemporary competitors.

The webcam works great in poor lighting setups like mine, blocking the backlight from bleeding into the focused subject with minimal noise patterns. It looks crisp and high-quality at 1080p, and can speed things up to 60 FPS at 720p if you’re looking for something a little more “streamer”.

You should buy it if …

  • You want a webcam that can compensate for poor lighting conditions
  • You don’t want to break your bank balance by doing it
  • You don’t mind losing 60 FPS for 1080p recording resolution

You shouldn’t buy it if …

  • You want 60 FPS in Full HD
  • You’re crazy, there are no rgb lights

The Razer Kiyo X is another great product from the company, showing that it can turn to virtually any device for a gaming or home office setup with minimal fuss.

out of 5

Razer has stiff competition in this space, from Logitech in particular, and it should probably look for ways to differentiate itself further from solutions that are often a bit cheaper. That being said, if you’re a fan of the Razer brand, you don’t need to look any further; This is a very good product.

Razer Kiyo X Se

Razer Kiyo X

At the end of the line : The Razer Kiyo X is a great option for those who want a solid webcam experience without totally blowing their bank balance, with great low-light handling, crisp picture quality, and solid build.

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