Ausdom All-in-One Video Bar 2K Webcam

Ausdom has created a new 2K all-in-one video bar webcam in the form of the AW616 which is now available for purchase for $70. The web camera features 2K QHD 2560×1440 pixel resolution, speakers equipped with a specialized silk membrane for loud and clear sound with artificial intelligent noise canceling microphone and privacy cover.

“A high-resolution video bar/webcam that declutters the workspace by merging a high-resolution 2K QHD webcam with vivid colors, HiFi speakers and an AI noise-canceling microphone – together in a video conferencing webcam high resolution, essential for work-to-Zoom calls from home, on-the-go video on the go, and video conferencing in the office.

2K Webcam Features

– 2K QHD resolution: vivid colors with 2560×1440 pixel resolution for smooth and detailed image quality without blurring.
– Hi-Fi Speakers: Made from a specialized silk membrane, these unique speakers let you hear everyone loud and clear.
– Voice Amplification: AI noise canceling microphone dampens background noise and enhances voice sound for better communication.
– Privacy protection: is ensured with the integrated privacy cover.

“Created by Ausdom, a company known for its high quality audio and video products, the AW616 uses Hi-Fi speakers made from a special silk membrane, so there is no need external speakers hear everyone clearly during loud video conferencing calls, plus AI-powered noise cancellation technology intelligently filters out background noise, improving voice quality for the best possible sound And with its 90° video angle, 3-5 people can sit comfortably around a conference table and still be clearly seen in the video at the same time, making it the perfect solution for all your video conferencing needs. video calls.

Source: Ausdom: TPU

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