Atomos Connect 4K turns your camera into a webcam on the cheap

Working remotely from home has been and remains a challenge for many of us, not knowing which webcams to buy or forcing us to purchase very expensive hardware to get our existing cameras capable of shooting synchronized video through third-party software, just to get an image on the screen.

Well for these people unfortunately this news is going to be a bitter pill to swallow, as Atomos, the brand renowned for providing professional video monitors and recorders has produced the Connect 4K, an HDMI to USB video converter capable of receiving up to a UHD. 4K 30p HDMI signal and outputs it up to 1080p 60p via USB for just $ 39, yes you read that right, $ 39!

Connect 4K automatically converts your HDMI input to a universal USB video class standard for compatibility with popular streaming and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, MS Teams, Twitch, YouTube and many more.

It can also be used with professional streaming applications such as; OBS, StreamLabs, Wirecast and X-Split for enhanced media streaming.

Its pocket size makes it a practical and very easy to use device and is powered by your computer’s USB port and does not require any external power.

This is not the first device of its kind and some unbranded variants can be bought for less, however, they cannot be trusted to be always reliable, for $ 39 this device from a trusted brand like Atomos is a must have for anyone who wants to use any camera with an HDMI port as their primary remote desktop webcam and save money in the process.

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