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With the prevalence of video conferencing in everyday life, your computer’s built-in webcam may not be enough to provide you with the ideal picture quality. In this case, buying a new camera is a common alternative. However, if you don’t want to spend the money right away, you can use your cell phone to turn it into a webcam using apps.

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  • In addition to downloading these apps to your mobile, you will also need to install the respective software on your computer to link the devices. Connection can be done in two ways: by Wi-Fi, with devices connected to the same network, or by USB cable. In the second option, on Android phones, you need to enable USB debugging. Once your phone is connected, you can select it as a video option for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other video conferencing options.

    • O which is USB debugging: know how to activate or deactivate this function on Android

    Want to use your phone as a webcam? Check out the list of apps that perform this function!

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    1. Camouflage

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS



Still in the early access stage, Camo is a tool that is gaining attention due to the variety of computer software options. The app can be used for Windows or macOS and only connects using a USB cable. The great advantage of this platform is the possibility of making adjustments to your image to take advantage of the potential of your camera even more.

The app only needs a USB cable to connect the mobile phone (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

On your mobile, the Camo application is only used to connect it to your computer. The process is quick and does not need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as in the other cases. If you haven’t enabled USB debugging on your Android yet, the app shows a step-by-step procedure. To download the client to your computer, click here.

On your computer, Camo Studio gives you access to a versatile tool for making various adjustments to your image. The Camo client offers functionality to change the frame rate and other manual camera settings such as exposure, ISO, focus, and white balance. To remove the watermark and activate all the features of your computer, you need to purchase a subscription starting at $ 4.90 per month.

2. DroidCam
  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price:


    DroidCam is one of the oldest options for using your cell phone as a webcam. The client for computers has versions for Linux and Windows, with the possibility of connecting the devices via a USB cable or by credentials in the same Wi-Fi network. To download the client, click here.

    The app is a popular option for the feature (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

    When you open DroidCam on your mobile, the app displays the IP address and a platform port. On your computer, you need to enter the same credentials to connect over Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble with the network, there is the alternative of using the USB cable for the process. During use, you can lock your phone screen to save battery.

    • How to turn your phone into a webcam

    DroidCam still has additional versions. There is the DroidCam OBS (Android), version for Android adapted for the OBS Studio streaming software. DroidCamX (Android) is a paid version of the app, offered for R $ 90,104, with HD recording options and more features for image adjustments. On iOS, all of these versions are concentrated in the same app.

    3. XSplit connection: webcam
    • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free

  • XSplit is popular streaming software with several tools to configure your live. In addition to enabling the use of graphics resources, the platform also provides XSPlit Connect: Webcam to use your mobile phone camera in meetings, live streams on Twitch and other possibilities.

    The app can be used with XSplit (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

    To use your mobile phone on your computer, you need to download XSplit VCam, available for Windows and masOS: click here to download it. With VCam, you can connect your cell phone and still blur or replace the background of your image. So before an important meeting, it is worth checking out the software.

    Connection to your mobile phone is via Wi-Fi, as long as the devices are connected to the same network. The free version of VCam on computers displays a software watermark. To remove it, you need to purchase a paid version, with plans starting at US $ 8.

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